About Us

We started Fitting Room Social to solve a very real problem for the fashionable people in our lives. 30% of all apparel purchased online is returned. Not knowing how an item will fit before you buy it is the primary reason for this frustration. Returning clothes wreaks havoc on everyone in the fashion food chain. From the designers, to the retailers, to the time it takes you to pack up and return the guilty item. There just had to be a better way.

We think that our instant signup, universal sizing algorithm, and portability to your favorite retailers will get you hooked, and most importantly save you time and frustration.

Our Team

  • Bradley Liff CEO & Founder
  • Brandon Perlman Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer
  • Allison Schnurle Project Manager
  • Yody Castro Creative Director
  • Lina Valencia Lead Designer
  • Luis Alveart Product Architect
  • Camilo Martínez Lead Developer
  • Raúl Vera Web Developer
  • Adrián Hernández Mobile Developer